May 8, 2021
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Services – Institutional Clients


Bley Investment Group provides trade executions for equity and fixed-income securities in the primary and secondary markets for institutional investors throughout the US and around the world. Our institutional clients include money managers, banks, corporations, endowment funds, trust accounts and retirement funds. The firm is a licensed broker-dealer committed to “best execution” and providing value-added client services. In addition, Bley Investment Group offers various independent research.
Serving Institutional clients since 1990, Bley owns and operates a full service institutional trading desk with state-of-the-art technologies and trading systems. We are capable of executing all domestic equities and some institutional equities as well as ADR’s. Our firm’s size enables us to respond quickly to our clients.

Trading Capabilities

Our firm’s commitment to institutional clients is based on performance, both in trade execution and client service.
Bley Investment Group currently has Data Management Systems and Bloomberg, as well as other data feeds. Bley is FIX compliant and has direct access to the floors of the exchanges and other electronic venues allowing us to communicate pre-trade and post-trade information. Pershing, the world's largest wholesaler of trade execution clearance is our Primary Clearing Agent. Bley has cleared through Pershing LLC for over 18 years.
Bley Investment Group, Inc. uses “pure agency” trading algorithms and direct market access technologies, to provide clients with the best possible execution without being hindered by principal trading or order matching and market making activities. The above provides the following advantages:

Reduced Transactions costs
Increased Performance
Anonymous Execution
Best Execution
Direct Connectivity to the Algorithms

Equity trading: Bley Investment Group offers clients a wide range of execution possibilities, anonymity and confidentiality. Bley Investment Group´s institutional trading platform offers direct access to the major exchanges. The firm may participate in syndicates and distribute equities offerings.

Fixed income trading: Bley Investment Group Inc., through our fixed income traders and other traders, buys and sells taxable and tax-free bonds. We satisfy orders on new-issue agencies for a broad spectrum of bond and mortgage maturities and call structures.

Equity Options: Bley Investment Group has access to trading venues that provide depth of liquidity while protecting anonymity. The services include the following: an agency model that avoids proprietary trading or risk positioning, best-in-class routers order entry types and alogorithms, volatility screening tools helpful in identifying profitable trading opportunities, natural crosses for option hedges, scenario analysis for simple and complex derivative trades, trade idea generation that is based on specific client needs, and access to OTC option markets to allow for customization and anonymity.

International equity: Bley Investment Group executes international equities in select markets.

Corporate Buybacks Bley Investment Group, Inc. offers a 10b-18 compliant electronic trading solution for corporate stock repurchases. Bley´s compliant algorithms are a passive, “over the day” execution and an ideal cost-effective method for implementing a corporate repurchase program. Bley´s algorithms are real-time and comply with the time and price conditions of Rule 10b-18.

Transition Management: Bley Investment Group, Inc. has direct Transition Management capabilities as well as through joint ventures and trading affiliations.

Recapture: Bley Investment Group, Inc. participates in various recapture programs.

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